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Customer Reviews About ClearFX Skin Microdermabrasion Machines


ClearFX Skin has been voted the #1 Microdermabrasion Machine available. Don’t take our word for it read, our ClearFX Skin customer reviews.

First off, we love our Clear FX micro machine! I have been a licensed Esthetician for 9 years and own Love Skin Nashville Day Spa. I have worked with many microdermabrasion machines over the year and have never found one that I completely loved until I found Clear FX.

Bellagio has been using the ClearFX Skin microdermabrasion machine since Oct of 2010. Our clients and estheticians both love the machine and the results! It is super easy to use. Because of the expense, I had put off ordering a 2nd machine even though we really needed one. I finally contacted Roy and he made me a great deal on the 2nd machine and upgraded my existing machine so that they would both have the Oxy component – what great customer service!! We have easily recouped the cost of the 2nd machine. Thank you very much ClearFX!

—Michele Phillips, Owner, Bellagio Salon and Day Spa, San Diego, CA


When I opened my spa I knew I was going to invest in a microdermabrasion machine of my own. I did a ton of research and looked into many companies. I know how much of an investment a machine can be so I needed to make sure I found one that was reliable, effective and results driven. I narrowed it down to a few companies, then flew out to IESCS in Vegas to look and try these machines in person.

What made me choose Clear FX was that each machine is custom made, it won’t clog … and when working and sharing a machine between other Estheticians, it’s so important that the machine is high quality, which this one is. It also is much more gentle than any other machine out there!! My clients were skeptical at first that a machine so gentle can provide results, but it does! Our clients coming back and telling their friends about it!

I also absolutely love the customer service with this company. Every time I call, they pick up or I get a call back immediately, even if it’s 8pm. Roy is the best, he answers all my questions, is honest, friendly and really does care about each customer.

Since I brought on this machine, we have had higher skin care sales and client retention. I couldn’t be happier with this micro machine or this company!

—Elyse Badewitz, Owner/Esthetician, LOVE Skin Nashville Wellness Spa

June 7, 2016

RE: ClearFx Microdermabrasion Machine

As an Aesthetician with over 25 years in practice, I have used and tested many different brands of microdermabrasion machines. My experience with other brands, lead me to recommend the ClearFx Machine. I purchased my medical microdermabrasion machine from Roy Revivo in 2009. The ClearFx machine has been very reliable, no clogging, no breakdown. I do have it serviced by Roy about every 12-18 months, and its is always like a new machine after!

The ClearFx microdermabrasion machine significantly out shines other the others!

—Darlene Novosel, Licensed Esthetician, Orange County, CA

Our ClearFX microdermabrasion machine is now two years old and has 204 hours on the clock. We selected your machine because of the superior design (I am an engineer) and the features,
functions and benefits were obvious to me and have not been a disappointment. Apart from normal wear and tear, we have not had a malfunction. Thank you for your excellent service when we order crystals and a replacement filter.

—John Fisher for GG.Marlene

I have had my ClearFX Skin Microdermabrasion machine for almost 10 years. I LOVE it. I have never had any problems nor needed any repairs of any kind in all these years. I have friends who own other day spas and their microdermabrasion machines are always in the shop. Not only is the machine well made but SO easy to use. I love the double hose system that allows precision work on my client’s skin without the horrible mess (with crystals) that other machines can leave all over the client, floor, table etc. If you are looking for a Microdermabrasion System this is THE BEST machine. Great quality, great Control and Even Better Customer Service. Olga and Roy are helpful, knowledgeable, and always there to answer any questions. I HIGHLY recommend ClearFx Skin!

—Laura Hirsch

I’ve used several different Microdermabrasion machines in the past and they have all leaked Crystals . I’m so happy I found Clearfx! I’ve been using the same machine for about seven years now with no problems whatsoever! My clients always love how their skin feels and there’s no leftover crystals in their ears or anything … AND I can even do their eyelids! GREAT Customer service too, which is hard to find these days.


I am the owner of a skincare and waxing facility. I have used lots of different microderm machines, over the years. About 2 years ago I was on the quest to add a high performance, medical grade, crystal based, machine to my office. I did a ton of research online and talked to numerous vendors of new and used equipment. This was a big decision for me as microdermabrasion machines are quite expensive and I wanted to make sure my investment was going to deliver and stand the test of time.

I was drawn to the Clearfx mostly because of its life time warranty and it was a little bit less expensive then it competitors. I qualified for a loan with their recommended financing company, so I decided to choose Clearfx as my brand of microderm for my office. When it arrived in the mail I could not have been more excited, finally all my hours of research and waiting had paid off. My machine arrived in perfect condition. I was so in love, it was hard to take it out of the box; I wanted it to stay perfect forever! My microdermabrasion cart box was badly damaged during shipping. I opened it up and sure enough the top of the stand had been crushed and chipped. I was so sad. I called Clearfx, and they promptly sent out a new stand, and even let me hold on to the broken one until my new one arrived. It was not their fault that the mailmen had damaged the equipment, but they handled the situation quite well and I was impressed!

I have now had my ClearFX 5000 for approximately 2 years and have performed 100’s of microderms. My clients love my services and come back time and time again! I perform 5-9 microderm services a day 5 days a week. I highly recommend the Clearfx 5000 system.

—Heather Gordon, owner of Heather Gordon Skin Care and Waxing

I recently purchased the ClearFXSkin microdermabrasion machine with crystal and crystal-free options along with oxygen infusion. I have been an Esthetician for 14 years and have worked with all types of microdermabrasion machines in medical settings and spa settings. This is by far one of my favorite machines I have used. It glides very smoothly over the skin and never creates any scratching or irritation on the skin. I love the ability to choose between crystals or crystal-free and having the added benefit of the oxygen infusion is fantastic! I would highly recommend this machine!

—Mellisa Poley